The Murky World of Private Investigations

Private investigators all over cannot fail to have heard something about the latest rumblings about our industry. Information obtained by illegal means is always a hot topic on our forums, blogs and even conversation, most private detectives know of firms and investigators who are willing to act outside the law and recognise that as an industry we need to clean up our act.

The Information Commissioners Office has stated they will jail any professional investigator found not to be registered under the Data Protection Act and any information collected by questionable means would be frowned upon.

It was suggested yesterday that MPsnewspaper blocked an inquiry into some of the tabloids to try after suggestions were made that their private lives may become more exposed. John Whittingdale who was the chairman of the committee said he recalled a conversation with Adam Price where repercussions for members’ personal lives were mentioned but said that this had no bearing on the committees decision not to investigate themselves further.

I would imagine that ours is not the only firm that has been approached and asked to supply illegal information, the positive thing about these stories and scoops is that even the most unethical of investigators is being more cautious about what they promise their clients they can do and hopefully that will lead to a long term clean up within the ranks.

Over the last month or so we have received around 30 emails from other Investigation agencies but also members of the public from someone claiming to be Harry Lipton of Prime Investigations of London. Please note this email does not originate from us.

If you have come here looking for Harry Lipton we would like to say we know noone of that name and would advise that you treat any unsolicited email with caution especially when there is no way of verifying the origins. We are based in North Yorkshire and not in London and any email from us would come complete with telephone number and our address.

Of course if you have arrived here since the business name changed to Detective Denise, you’re probably wondering how you got here, but the sentiment still stands, please be careful with emails like this.