Computer Forensic Services

Are you looking for a cyber security and computer forensics solution? If so, try us. We offer a variety of legal technology services that include computer forensics.

What is computer forensics?

Computer forensics is in essence, a digital science that utilizes data recovery techniques to collect, analyze and report on digital data in a way that’s legally admissible.

Data recovery

Data recovery (as the name suggests) is a process used to ‘recover’ data from media that has become inaccessible. The inability to access this data might be due to a hardware failure, software malfunction and/or as a result of a natural disaster. There are cases that an organization loses valuable data because a disgruntled employee decided to do away with it. It’s times like these that computer forensics experts are called in.


As we have mentioned; computer forensics is concerned with the analysis and possible collection of data from computer media. This data might be used as evidence to prove or disprove an aspect of an investigation/litigation between individuals or companies. At the end of the day, you get to preserve the original copy of the media when the data is fully extracted.

When do you need computer forensics services?

The purpose of a computer forensics analysis is to identify and preserve the original media from any alteration. This process helps us to identify who or what has been accessing the media during the time in question. Since a proper and thorough computer forensics could make the difference between winning and losing a case, it’s up to you to hire a credible service provider.

It’s our business to ensure that we utilize the latest and most effective computer forensics techniques for timely data recovery. Contact us and be informed on who and what accessed your computer data and where, when and how they did so.