Hard Drive Recovery Service

We provide a dedicated hard drive recovery service

A physical hard drive crash can result in a catastrophic data loss. Whether you use the hard drive for business documents or for personal data, a hard drive failure can at the very least be inconvenient and at its worst be highly emotionally and financially distressing. Our expert engineers are highly trained in data recovery and are always actively researching and redoubling their efforts to improve our data recovery process.

Mechanical Failure or System Files Failure

If you notice any clicking or unusual sounds while attempting to use or recover your hard drive you should immediately stop and contact our professional data recovery service. These sounds are indications of a physical hard drive crash and attempting to run or recover a hard drive in a damaged state can exacerbate any problems and even cause irreversible data loss.

If you have dropped or caused any accidental damage to your laptop or external hard drive, and cannot now access the data on the drive, you are dealing with a physical hard drive failure. Other symptoms of a physical hard drive failure are:

  • Clicking sounds
  • Grinding or scratching noises
  • Hard drive powers up but does not spin
  • Identifiable direct external damage to the drive
  • Failure to power up
  • Burning smell
  • Operating system does not recognize the hard drive

If you notice any of these hard drive failure symptoms we advise that you discontinue any use of the hard drive or attempt to recover the data. By attempting to back up the data on a damaged hard drive you can cause even more damage and make it more difficult and costly to recover your important data.

You should immediately power down the hard drive and contact our professional data recovery experts. We can help retrieve your data before any irreversible loss has occurred.